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About 3N Computer Services

Stefan Nawrocki
3N Computer Services has been working in IT technology related to the broadly understood DTP branch since 1996. The idea of developing such an activity dates back to the late eighties. I recall that in those days, the market was not dominated by Windows yet, and professional software was available on various hardware platforms. I was using the Atari equipment with the program named Calamus.

The first contact with this program gave me many ideas for improving desktop publishing. For example, there was little tools for text hyphenation or handy vector graphics editor. In trying to remedy these inconveniences, I wrote two programs at Atari between 1989 and 1996: Inkaust and Kombi. The first one was a spelling dictionary which, in addition to the standard features found in similar dictionaries, corrected punctuation and some grammar elements. The program was also equipped with a thesaurus and was able to divide words on syllables. The Kombi on Atari was the incipient of the Kombi on PC.

The dominance of the Windows system and the increase of performance of the newer computers in the mid-nineties made it possible to create a new program under Windows, which would meet our expectations both for the quality of graphical tools, as well as the dictionary. To write this program I had chosen C++ language and in August 1996 I begun working on the Kombi on PC. I assumed that the program would merge the features of the previously mentioned programs, so that it would have a convenient vector graphics editor and a high quality spell checker. After accepting this assumptions, we are not much apart from saying that we want to make a fully professional destop publishing system. Did this work? I hope so, although of course the works on the program are the never-ending story.

In 2008, the program become so elaborated that there was not much to improve in it. Then the second (apart from programming) passion of mine revived – it was photography, which I've been practicing throughout my life. However, the times before digital photography prevented easy archiving, easy presentation and sales of pictures. So - the development of digital photography and the Internet allowed me to create a new project in the company – the Internet Stock Photos.

Here are some of the more important dates for my business:

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Stefan Nawrocki
3N Computer Services
ul. Zakole 20/7, 75-814 Koszalin, Poland
Company registered in CEIDG
NIP number 669-116-77-04

If you have any questions or would you like to cooperate, please email to: office@3n.com.pl


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