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June 2018 – a new version of the Virtual Gallery of Photography

A new version of the Virtual Gallery of Photography is now available. Now, in addition to photos, you can also place web pages in the gallery, and as a matter of fact, any content can be an element of your presentation. Download and test this program.

April 2018 – Kom­bi 9

At the beginning of April 2018, 3n released a new, ninth version of the Kombi package. Here read more on this topic.

February 2017 – K3D

In February 2017 a new version of the K3D Projector (which was previously a component of the Kombi package) was shared. Now the projector enriched with new (including animation) features can work as standalone program. The program is available free of charge to users of the Internet Stock Photos. In the Stock are now available the open documents. This means that if you are interested for the graphics in the Stock and it has been rendered in this program, you can download the document and use the K3D to make changes in this document to suit your needs. Here you will see sample graphics rendered with K3D.

February 2014 – Virtual Gallery of Photography

In February 2014, 3N Computer Services released a new software package named the Virtual Gallery of Photography, which enables the creation of multimedia web galleries. We invite you to test this package.

June 2008 – Internet Stock Photos

In June 2008, 3N Computer Services provided a new DTP service on own server. At photo3n.com we will find the Internet Stock Photos containing photos, vector graphics, video clips, audio files and 3D graphics that may be useful when creating projects and publications, both traditional and electronic. We invite all Kombi users (and not only) to become acquainted with this offer.

January 2001 – the website for Kombi program starts

Here you can see an archival version of the 3n.com.pl website from January 2007.

August 1996 – the Kombi PC project starts

The Kombi on the PC platform is a continuation of the same program that was developed in 1988-1996 on the Atari TT platform. Work on this program continued uninterrupted until 2008 (twelve years).